The first time I heard about City Oven  was because they were donating to The Orange Show for each ‘like’ they received on their facebook page. This earned them some instant cool points with me before they even opened! And then they started posting these amazing pictures of their pizza on their fb page which made me even more anxious to check this place out. It is located on White Oak in the Heights. Cool location, but unfortunately terrible parking. The next time I go I am going to more strategic about the day. But the service was awesome, we had this super sweet and helpful server. She even helped us pick out our pizza because there were so many good ones to choose from! We ordered the Thai Dye pizza. It was delicious! The oval pizza was more than enough for two which meant we had some to take home. I was pleasantly surprised with the drawing on our to-go box courtesy of our sweet waitress. I love little touches like that! So if you are strategic about when you go in order to avoid the parking it is worth it for the service and food!




The City Oven



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